Live Plant Guarantee

All plants are guaranteed to arrive to you alive and free from pests and diseases. 

While your plants are guaranteed to arrive happy, whether they stay happy depends on your climate, sunlight, soil, animals that live in your area, and many other factors that make gardening a true adventure! Many of the plants I sell can grow easily if they’re planted in the right place with the right conditions, but those conditions are different for each plant.

Because of this, there is no guarantee that your plant will survive its first year, or frankly, its first week. If you buy a beautiful shade bog plant and plant it in full sun in your dry front yard…well, it’s safe to say the plant won’t survive there for long.

Read about what the plant wants and ask questions if you have them. Advice given is still not a guarantee that the plant will survive (especially if you are outside of the Pacific Northwest), but it will give you a better shot at picking the right plant for your yard. And of course there are people like me who know it may not work but are willing to give it a shot!